Trusted my Baby and Body

September 1, 2018


Our baby boy, Frank, was born at home as planned on Tuesday 17th July at 10.27am, 14 days late.

This was our second hypnobirth with Caron and as the birth of our daughter, Ivy, had gone so smoothly we decided to have a home birth this time round. We liked the idea of being relaxed in our own environment and also wanted Caron to be at the birth as our midwife if possible. We’d had a water birth with Ivy which we ideally wanted again so hired a birthing pool.

My pregnancy was very similar to my first, no complications and felt well within myself apart from swollen feet! I was 9 days overdue with Ivy so was expecting this one to be late too although I wasn’t expecting it to be quite as late as it was.

As with my first I was planning on declining induction as I truly believe that my body and baby know what to do and that the baby would arrive when it was ready. I hadn’t thought however that I would actually go past day 12 so as it approached & still nothing happened I became more anxious about the decisions I may need to make over the next few days. We went to the hospital on the Sunday (day 12) where I declined induction. They checked baby and gave me a sweep and I went home hoping that things would start that night but still nothing. I went back to the hospital the following day for monitoring and also discussed the induction process with the midwife. If nothing happened that night I would go back the next day to either begin the induction process or speak to the consultant if I still wanted to decline. I went home that evening feeling rather despondent and low. I had so hoped for a home birth and those hopes were gradually slipping away, as were those of a water birth if I ended up on the consultant led unit. I still wanted to decline induction but when you’re told that risks of stillbirth increase once past 42 weeks it obviously makes you doubt yourself. How could I live with myself if I kept declining and something happened to our baby? I wondered why, on day 42, would my body all of a sudden decide to stop doing its job when it’d spent 9 months growing a so far healthy baby? Although I strongly felt that my body would continue to do its job who was I to go against doctors? Unfortunately there hasn’t been much recent research on stillbirth past 42 weeks and Doppler scans (to measure the blood flow from the placenta) are not automatically offered to those who don’t wish to be induced. Also as Caron said it is possible that my dating scan could be out by 3 or 4 days which wouldn’t actually make me that overdue. I spoke to Caron that evening and as usual she was amazing, totally reassured me and gave me lots of options to discuss with the hospital the following morning including asking for a Doppler scan.

And then just as I knew it would my baby made the decision to join us, by itself, the morning we were due to go to hospital. I woke with surges on the Tuesday just after 6am (day 14) which were already 8-10 mins apart. I made arrangements for my daughter to be looked after and let Caron know things were happening. Meanwhile my husband set up our living room with my anchors and got the pool up and started filling it (which takes a while). Caron arrived just after 9am and things quickly progressed, my surges went to 3 and a half mins apart just after she arrived. I didn’t have time to use the pool as our baby boy arrived just over an hour later.

So in the end I had nothing to worry about, I did what I originally intended to do and trusted my baby and body and it all worked out perfectly. I’m not saying that declining induction is right for everyone but it was for us and I can’t thank Caron and the Wise Hippo enough for giving us the confidence to stick to our guns and also for knowledge and empowerment

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