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March 27, 2019




My first birth was an induction for reduced heart rate and then after 3 days ended up in an emergency c section. It was a very traumatic birth so I knew if I had anymore. children I would need support and a friend suggested hypno birthing which is when I was introduced to Caron.


The classes were excellent and me and my birthing partners felt better prepared and informed. I was lucky enough with my second that I had the birth I had hoped for. I went into labour 2 weeks before my due date, having felt sick and then a few stomach pains in the evening, my waters broke at midnight. I was adamant to stay at home and relax but having informed the hospital my waters had broke and contracting three times whilst on the phone I agreed to go to the hospital so the midwife could see me but that I didn’t want to be checked...


On arrival my contractions were coming frequently. I immediately got into the labour ward turned the lights off, and put the bond and breathe music on (which was by far by favourite) and kept it on repeat for the next 6 hours! I asked to have a monitor that allowed me to move and spent the time on my feet swaying to get the baby moving down. I had my birthing partners constantly giving me positive affirmations and the Midwife’s just sat in the corner of the room and left us to it. Top tip - get flannels , damp them with water, wrap them up in cling film and then tinfoil and keep in the freezer. take with you to the hospital as they helped! 


By 4 am I was starting to feel I may need some pain relief so agreed to be checked. At this point I was 7 cm dilated and the Midwife’s would only give me gas and air. By 6 am I really felt I needed to push and pushed to be checked again at which point I was 10 cm dilated flipped on my back and told to start pushing. 10 minutes later my son was born. I had skin to skin, my husband got to cut the umbilical cord and whilst I did need to go to surgery from an episiotomy I can only say what a beautiful birth I had... a healing birth. And me, my mum and husband all agree I got through it with all the tools I practiced from Hypnobirthing. Never underestimate the power of a mind set when going through pain. Having tools to focus and relax were invaluable and I’m so lucky that I had Caron’s support on the other end of a phone when I had questions...I felt empowered and can’t recommend Hypnobirthing enough.





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