Sarah's Birth Story.

March 1, 2018

During my first pregnancy, my husband and I attended NCT classes which we hoped would prepare us for birth. I went into spontaneous labour almost 7 weeks before my due date, giving birth 6 weeks early. My baby was healthy, but I had a very traumatic birth with lots of intervention and my husband and I both felt overwhelmed and out of control of the situation. We didn’t feel that the NCT course had given us the tools we needed to cope with a complicated birth.

 When I became pregnant with baby number 2, I was anxious that I didn’t want another difficult labour and birth. I still felt that I didn’t know what to expect from birth as I hadn’t had a ‘normal’ delivery with my first child. A friend recommended Caron and hypnobirthing, and having read a little bit about it online decided to give it a go!

We have four private sessions with Caron (avoiding the need for a babysitter for child number 1) and each session made me feel more confident in my ability to cope with whatever sort of labour and birth experience I had.

 With baby number 2, I went into labour just 3 days before my EDD. I knew the day before that I was about to go into labour, as I spent all day doing the housework and had a sudden burst of energy! My surges started at around 8am - I kept busy throughout the day, taking my son to the fair and going for lunch as a family but practicing the techniques I had learnt throughout the day. By 1pm the surges were getting stronger and I called my mum to come and look after my son. That afternoon we watched family films together and my husband ran me a bath at 3pm. I listened to the spa music playlist he had put together for me and concentrated on my breathing exercises. At 5pm we called the hospital - my surges were strong and close together, however we were encouraged to stay at home as long as possible so left for hospital at around 7pm, listening to my wise hippo downloads. We arrived on the labour ward just before 8pm and just in time! The birth pool had been set up for me, my husband put the relaxing music on again and as soon as I was in the pool I felt the urge to push - after a quick examination by the midwife, I delivered my baby just after 8:30pm.  


 Hypnobirthing changed my mind set and helped me to feel in control of my birth experience. I can’t say it didn’t hurt, but I didn’t mind the discomfort and actually enjoyed the experience - I don’t think I would be able to say that if I hadn’t experienced hypnobirthing classes.

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