Birth Story of Baby Woody

April 9, 2019





Woody Bostock born 17th January 2019




Caron’s classes were recommended to me by a friend and having been quite interested in Hypnobirthing beforehand I decided to go ahead with the course. I hoped this might make me feel more confident and in control after having had a premature delivery with my first baby, which unfortunately made my first experience very over whelming and left me feeling like I wasn’t able to enjoy it and was anxious about it happening again with my 2nd baby.


Woody Albert Bostock was born on 17th January 2019, weighing 6lbs 11oz, 3 days before my due date. YEY!!


I was having quite a good day, so I decided to go to my friend’s birthday meal locally which felt like a nice change from sitting on the sofa again all evening.

Before our starters even arrived, I felt my waters ‘pop’ as I laughed with my friends……. Not ideal! I discreetly went to the toilet and managed to manoeuvre myself into my car and got home around 8.45pm.

I remember feeling so excited. This is something I never would have thought I would feel and definitely have the classes to thank for this. I felt so confident and in control. Ready to have my baby.


Not long after getting home my surges started coming fairly quickly so my husband called his mum to come and stay with our daughter, so we could start making our way to the hospital. Eeeeeek!

I started using my hypnobirthing breathing techniques straight away whilst sitting on my ball, this gave me so much focus and helped me stay in the zone and calm.

My husband Albert was brilliant at reminding me every now and again to try and keep my body relaxed and not tense.


We arrived at the midwife led unit of the hospital around 10.30 pm and by this point my surges were very close together and I knew it wouldn’t be long before we would be meeting our baby. 


My husband did most of the talking while I remained focused on my breathing and counting each surge. I found this really helped with the length of each surge and seemed to make them feel quicker.

Unfortunately, there was a mistake in my notes saying my placenta was close to my cervix from one of my growth scans. Our midwife and ourselves were pretty confident this must have been incorrect as all my other scans and notes were fine, however they couldn’t risk it, so I had to go downstairs to the consultant led unit to have a quick examination by a doctor to rule it out completely.

By this point I knew in myself I was very close, and this baby was coming very soon however as I was being so calm and breathing through each surge quite effortlessly, I knew the midwifes weren’t quite as convinced as me!

As we got downstairs a doctor popped in to let me know she had to rush off to theatre and she would examine me straight after……. I knew the baby would be here before then!

My husband requested for my bag to be brought downstairs as we both knew we wouldn’t be going back upstairs, and our baby would be born in this room.

He just about managed to get my ‘anchor’ poster out of my bag with photos of my scan, my daughter and my own birthing affirmations, which was really lovely and helped me stay focused and remain relaxed as my surges became slightly more uncomfortable.


At 1.26am I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy Woody. I had him standing up leaning over the bed with some gas and air to help when pushing.

My amazing midwife passed him to me up through my legs where I had instant skin on skin.

This was the most incredible moment and feeling. I had done it! And did it the way I wanted to in the most calm and controlled way. I feel so lucky to have had this birth experience and was able to go home a few hours later due to no complications. It makes me want to do it all over again. 


I couldn’t recommend Caron’s classes and hypnobirthing techniques enough.

I was able to enjoy my pregnancy with the help of the MP3’s and positive approaches taught and experienced giving birth in the way I wanted to.

We can’t thank Caron enough! xxx

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