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Baby Archie Alexander Born 19/01/19- First time mummy.


I attended Hypnobirthing because my sister had traumatic births and I wanted to go brought labour not feeling scared!
Hypnobirthing was great I was completely calm and relaxed during pregnancy and was actually looking forward to the labour. Listening to tracks before bed and birth affirmations was great.
When my waters broke in the early hours of the morning I was completely calm and knew that soon I would be meeting my baby.
Although contractions were close together from the start I was able to use my breathing techniques. I was so calm that I sent my husband back to bed while I listened to my birth affirmations. I listened to them for about 10 hours but time went by so quickly. Also looking at the mood board was great.

I went into hospital 12 hours after my waters broke as I couldn’t feel baby move. I was 5cm dilated when arrived at hospital. I was able to use the birthing pool but after an hour was unable to get comfortable. I was ready to push soon after, I used the humming down technique but unfortunately after 2 hours no progress as contractions slowed down. I eventually had an episiotomy to get my little boy out and was on my back but was still a really positive birth. I only used gas and air and needed no other pain relief. I really don’t think I would of had such a positive birth experience if I hadn’t done by  hypnobirthing.

Laura x x


Water Birth of Baby Walter December 2017


During my first pregnancy, my husband and I attended NCT classes which we hoped would prepare us for birth. I went into spontaneous labour almost 7 weeks before my due date, giving birth 6 weeks early. My baby was healthy, but I had a very traumatic birth with lots of intervention and my husband and I both felt overwhelmed and out of control of the situation. We didn’t feel that the NCT course had given us the tools we needed to cope with a complicated birth.

 When I became pregnant with baby number 2, I was anxious that I didn’t want another difficult labour and birth. I still felt that I didn’t know what to expect from birth as I hadn’t had a ‘normal’ delivery with my first child. A friend recommended Caron and hypnobirthing, and having read a little bit about it online decided to give it a go!
 We have four private sessions with Caron (avoiding the need for a babysitter for child number 1) and each session made me feel more confident in my ability to cope with whatever sort of labour and birth experience I had.
 With baby number 2, I went into labour just 3 days before my EDD. I knew the day before that I was about to go into labour, as I spent all day doing the housework and had a sudden burst of energy! My surges started at around 8am - I kept busy throughout the day, taking my son to the fair and going for lunch as a family but practicing the techniques I had learnt throughout the day. By 1pm the surges were getting stronger and I called my mum to come and look after my son. That afternoon we watched family films together and my husband ran me a bath at 3pm. I listened to the spa music playlist he had put together for me and concentrated on my breathing exercises. At 5pm we called the hospital - my surges were strong and close together; however, we were encouraged to stay at home as long as possible so left for hospital at around 7pm, listening to my wise hippo downloads. We arrived on the labour ward just before 8pm and just in time! The birth pool had been set up for me, my husband put the relaxing music on again and as soon as I was in the pool, I felt the urge to push - after a quick examination by the midwife, I delivered my baby just after 8:30pm.

 Hypnobirthing changed my mind set and helped me to feel in control of my birth experience. I can’t say it didn’t hurt, but I didn’t mind the discomfort and actually enjoyed the experience - I don’t think I would be able to say that if I hadn’t experienced hypnobirthing classes.




VBAC Waterbirth for Baby Wilf August 2018

Woke up at 5am yesterday with surges about 20 mins apart. Sent George to work but  called him home around 10am to take Evie to my parents as things were progressing, phoned midwife at 11am when surges were 3-3.30 mins a part and waters broke as I was on the phone to her. Drove to lister and things progressed quite quickly on route and not the most comfortable position to be in haha! Anyway got to hospital at midday into the pool, midwife asked if I wanted gas and air to which I said yes, but after a minute or two she said "I'm obviously happy to give it to you but you are doing such a good job without it, I think it will change how you are breathing. I don't think you need it" which was a nice confidence boost. Got out the pool briefly to try for a wee and quick examination to see where we were at, couple of surges out of the pool and head was crowning so quickly got back in for 3 more surges and he was out just under two hour after arriving. Totally amazing and such a chilled baby as a result 😍

So pleased you encouraged me to challenge my birthing options caron, definitely made the right decision!



Lauren and James First Time Parents March 2018

Birth story for Felix James Adcock. Born 14/03/18 weighing 7lbs 3oz. I started getting a mild period type pain every 10 minutes when I went to bed on the Tuesday night about 1am. I ignored it as I didn’t think it was the start of labour and tried to get as much sleep a...s possible but in the morning it had become more noticeable and I thought maybe it was something to check with my midwife. I saw my midwife that morning as I had an appointment anyway and she told me I was 3cm dialated and I was in fact in labour! We packed up the car and headed to the midwife-led birth centre where they assessed me only once at 1pm and told me I was 5cm. I used my hypnobirthing breathing techniques and my husband James guided me through these with each surge, this was all I needed in terms of pain relief along with a TENS machine. Then at about 2pm I went into a pool room and to my disbelief I felt the urge to push. My midwife couldn’t believe it as in an hour I’d gone from 5-10cm and she could see my baby’s head! But thought it could be down to how relaxed I was, between surges I was laughing with my husband and dancing around the room to music! Baby Felix was born 2 hours later in water, just as I had planned, through deep breathing and gas and air when I needed it. Thank you Caron for all your help leading up to the birth- staying calm and relaxed really did get me through and I’d definitely use the techniques again. Lauren xx




Gemma and Nick - Baby Evie October 2017

1 week old (in this pic). Already it feels the days are flying past ! We loved the wise hippo birthing programme and the lovely Caron @hypnobirthingbabies who taught us everything we needed to know. Although we did not get to use everything that we would have liked from our birth plan due to little Evie being premature and going through a quick labour we still used what we needed to bring her into the world safe and sound. Big Thank you Caron you were amazing ! Xx


Yenny and Baby Alice

Congratulations to Yenny on the birth of Alice and thank you for the lovely testimonial.

I first heard about hypnobirthing 5 years ago. My sister raved about it even though she did not manage to use the techniques fully as she had a cesarean. Fast forward and a year ago my friend used hypnobirthing to have her first child, it was a planned homebirth and she also raved about how great it was.

I was determined to try it when I fell pregnant, my thoughts were anything positive ...will only add to a better birth experience.

I found Caron locally via my midwife as I was asking about hypnobirthing.

I had private sessions with Caron at my house. Caron's way of teaching was perfect, she was flexible to answer any concerns or queries I was unsure about in pregnancy before starting. Knowing that Caron is also a midwife is a bonus, as i know i can contact her if i had any further queries. This immediately puts myself and my husband at ease and super relaxed for our first baby.

I am the kind of person who probably gets a bit obsessed with researching as much info as I can about pregnancy. But every session I always came away thinking I learned so much.

The hypnobirthing sessions were broken down into sections, my main concern was how to breath properly in labour. Caron explained and demonstrated how, she makes everything so easy to learn. I am a massive fidget and cannot sit still, she did say I probably will fidget my baby out, which probably helped me on the say as I kept on moving.

Her calming voice and techniques she showed me was all I thought about while in labour.

I used the birth affirmations in labour to help me focus and had these stuck on the wall, the mp3s that came with the course was played on repeat throughout my labour.

I remembered and breathed through every surge. Having a positive mind and knowing that my body and baby knows what it is doing led me to have a great birth experience.

I also opted for a water birth, I knew I had all the tools I needed to push my baby out.

I am pleased to say my birth went as planned, my baby came out calmly.

Overall I was so pleased with my experience I will definitely used hypnobirthing again for my next baby. I did have Caron on speed dial if i needed to ask her anything when I went into labour, but I didn't need to as she covered everything, I knew all I needed to know.

If you are considering whether to do the course, I would say book now. It's a tool you will use over and over again.




Emily and Conor Second Baby Home Birth

Half an hour after baby Conor was born at Home all 10lb 1oz of him and he got to meet his two older sisters. Look how pleased they are to meet their new little brother. Such a beautiful family Congratulations all. Read Emily's home birth story below:
So here's my birth story...

I got to due date and no baby! Having had spd through the most part of the pregnancy I was feeling frustrated but tryin...g to keep positive.

I listened to my wise hippo hypnotherapy music every evening to get me to sleep which were so comforting with their positive affirmations!

I got to my overdue midwife appointment at 40 plus 6 and had a sweep. I was quite keen for this as was struggling to walk and wanted to try give my body a nudge to make sure I had the best chance of having my home birth!

I felt with this being my third child I'd 'know'.
I'd know what day it would happen and which period pain would be the start of contractions but I didn't ! That day after the sweep I went home and had some of my plug come away and some period pains. I went to bed that night thinking it could be the day! But nothing happened. The next day I woke up to lots of show so again felt reassured that atleast my body was preparing itself. The midwife had said that things were soft and she was very positive . I had my second sweep at 40 plus 8. She was still positive that things felt that they were getting ready.

That evening my husband popped to a friends birthday party and I took my usual position sat on my gym ball ironing and watching television. I then went to bed with some mild period aches but nothing that bothered me . At midnight I woke with an ache and lazily text my husband who had fallen asleep downstairs and said I think I've just had a contraction . Then 10 minutes later I had another . I called down to my husband to come to bed as I was going to sleep and wanted him there to time for me so I could sleep between them . By half 1 they were every 8 minutes and I asked my husband whether we should go downstairs as I think it finally registered I was in labour - I knew I didn't want to get stuck in bed having the baby. I called the labour ward who told me they wouldn't call the midwives out yet but to call back when they were every 5 minutes. I also called my mum and told her not to rush but tonight might be the night and to come over. My husband did the same with his mum so we had all hands on decks for our girls who were both asleep.

I came downstairs and my husband set my nest up. Lit the candles and got the music on in the background . At one point I knocked the music off and promptly lost my temper with my husband - I knew things must have been starting up as I didn't like losing my routine of breathing through my surges with my music on in the background.

All of a sudden my contractions were every 3 minutes so at about 2.30am my husband called the hospital and I tried to talk but surges were strong so he handed over and we waited for the midwives.

I asked my husband to fetch me what I needed and he was amazing at reassuring me that I could do it and it was all part of our plan - he had attended the hypno therapy course which was a great support . My mum and his mum shortly arrived.

At approximately 3am the midwife arrived and I asked for the gas and air . It was at this point that my midwife had to break the news that the hospital had none to send to me. I was gutted as my plan was to use gas and air. I looked at my husband and decided it was too much to do it at home on nothing . The midwife suggested she examine me to make sure we were safe to go in and I said I wasn't keen on any ve's. she respected my wishes but said it may help to know whether we need ambulance or can go in the car. I agreed and was 6cm. She said we would need the ambulance - at this point subconsciously I was concerned I wouldn't get there on time and wouldn't get my gas and air. I knew I laboured quickly with my second child and had delivered soon after 7cm on her delivery.

An ambulance was called - So around 4 ish paramedics arrived and just before that the second midwife. The paramedics brought in their gas and air which felt magic and I knew then I wouldn't be moving to go to the hospital. I'd managed to get in 4 point kneeling over the gym ball with my sea of serenity on in the background and thankfully the paramedics were okay with staying and getting me more gas and air if required ( I later found out it was their last two canisters !! ).

In no time at all I felt the overwhelming urge to push which was making me growl. My midwives knew I wanted to hypno birth and just reassured me to breathe and allow my body to do what it wanted to do. This was such a positive for me and was so empowering !!

I had a few comedy moments where the tracks on my hypno sound track ended and my husband got an earful to put the music back on! It's amazing how soothing it was and I think it had made all the difference listening to it daily. The subliminal messages were so important to me.

I felt I was getting close because I had lots of pressure in my bottom. The baby kept going back in a bit which concerned me but again my positive midwives explained my body was doing what it should and just stretching to let him arrive.

At 5.15am weighing in at 10lb 1 ounce. Surrounded by two midwives. Two paramedics. My husband, mum and mother in law. Baby Conor was born!!

I feel on top of the world and other than my little man having had a poo on the way out ( meaning we had to transfer for 12 hours of obs) everything was just perfect. I firmly believe without all the teaching from the wise hippo programme I wouldn't have managed to keep and regain my control with the little obstacles on the way. Caron was fab and always there to support me with hints and tips to help me turn my breech baby. Also without her teaching and help I wouldn't have achieved my home birth. I will forever be grateful !

Emily xxx





First Baby -Margaret, Chigs and Baby Ava


Childbirth has for a long time, been one of the biggest fears of my adult life. Throw in to the mix that I have fibroids, one large enough to require close monitoring throughout my pregnancy and the fact that I had a strong belief that I had a low pain threshold, I was a VERY anxious first time mum-to-be.


Roll forward nine weeks after giving birth to Ava, my lovely little girl, and I'm still amazed that I gave birth naturally via vaginal delivery, with just gas & air, and with no major birthing complications, just fond memories of the whole labour and delivery experience. ...

I can honestly say that has everything to go with Caron and the Wise Hippo programme.  and all this, in spite of the fact that the birth was very different to how I had planned.  


I'll be honest, I was a little skeptical at first - from what I'd seen on TV and heard from friends and family, I thought that no amount of deep breathing and calming music could make labour and birthing any less painful or traumatic. But quite late into my pregnancy I finally decided to take one of the introductory classes in Broxbourne - I enjoyed the class and my other half did too which I  was surprised about (not really his kind of thing). As I got more anxious and with just about 4 or 5 weeks to go before my due date, I finally decided to book on to the full course (even though I'd left it too late for the group classes, thankfully Caron managed to fit us in by teaching us in our home as 1:1 sessions before baby arrived).


My favourite MP3s were the birth affirmations, cloak of protection and the instrumental. I listened to the birth affirmations the most, every morning when I woke up or just before an afternoon nap and always when I had a relaxing soak in the bath tub. The first time I heard "I am relaxed and really looking forward to the birth of my baby" I thought, how the hell can anyone actually look forward to childbirth?? But after listening to the affirmations over and over again, I did end up actually looking forward to the experience of childbirth.


However, about a week before my due date, a close relative questioned whether it was wise for me to attempt a natural birth because I had "small hips" and I "might not cope" - I tried to not let this get to me but it did knock my confidence quite a lot so I listened to the cloak of protection and birth affirmation MP3s more intensely, which got me through. 


On the Day ....


In hindsight, my labour started on the Tuesday (exactly on my due date) but I had no idea I was in early labour. This is my first baby and I'd always assumed I would be well overdue. I was having surges (contractions) on and off all day - they started at about 8.30 in the morning and came every 10 mins for about 2 hrs at a time, but I was relaxed and went about my day as normal and got through them just with the breathing techniques Caron had taught - I was using the techniques as a 'practice run' for the real thing (not realising that it WAS actually the real thing!). At around 7pm I had a nice soak in the bath tub as I did every day in the last trimester and I listened to the birth affirmations and Sea of Serenity.


I went to bed about 10pm and by about 11pm the surges went to the next level and were coming about every 3 minutes and lasting longer than they were earlier in the day. I vomited at one point but I still didn't believe that I was actually in labour as they were so manageable and my waters hadn't broken. 


Chigs started to record the surges in a contractions app that he'd downloaded on to his phone and after a few entries it started beeping which meant that it was time to go the hospital. I thought that there was something wrong with the app because I really didn't feel like I needed to go to the hospital yet - I felt really calm and in control and just kept 'practising' my breathing. But by this point, Chigs was running around the house getting our bags together with beads of sweat dripping down his face that I finally decided to get out of bed and get dressed just to put him out of his misery (!). I actually wanted to go to sleep. 


I'd chosen to have a Water Birth in one of the birthing pools at the Lister Hospital's Midwife Led Unit so we rang the unit and were given the all clear to make our way there especially as the surges were about 3 mins apart - we left home about 12.30am and made our way. At this point, the surges were about 2 mins apart and I was managing really well with just the breathing techniques, so much so that I fell asleep at some point on the journey (whilst still surging) as I liked the gentle rocking of the car.


We arrived at the Hospital about 1.45/2am early Wednesday morning and I settled in to one of the birthing rooms - I was so relaxed listening to my MP3s even though the surges were still coming frequently. When it was recommended that I birth on the medical unit downstairs because of the risk associated with my fibroids, I was really disappointed. We challenged this recommendation a little but I was so calm that I didn't let it get to me and it was suggested that I could either go home and come back when my labour progressed further (the midwives from the Hospital later told me that I came across so calm and controlled that they thought I had many hours if not a day or two before I would birth), or we could stay in the local area or I could get admitted to the antenatal ward. I definitely didn't want to be admitted on to the labour ward because I knew that would make me anxious and stressed out especially if there was a lot of labour/birthing noise, so I decided to go home where I could eat breakfast in comfort and have a little nap. 


We got back home at 6.30am and I went to the toilet at which point I had the 'show.' I was still surging every 2 mins but it wasn't bothering me and I ate some breakfast and lay on the sofa for a nap. At 8am the surges went up what felt like 10 X notches and I finally realised that this was it ... baby was on its way. I could barely get up off the sofa to get back in the car so Chigs rang for an ambulance - he spoke to the operator whilst breathing along with me and I heard the operator ask if I wanted to push - for some reason, as soon as she said that I felt that perhaps I should push but Chigs we had learned on the course - that my body knew what to do and that I should push when my body tells me to and not necessarily when an external person says I should - at that point I did all I could not to push - good thing too since it turns out that baby was still in the amniotic sac and my waters still hadn't broken. The ambulance arrived at half 8 and they said I would have to have the baby at home since it would be too much of a bumpy ride to transfer me to hospital by that point (another blow to my birth plan). At this point, I needed the gas and air. So there I was on all-fours on our living room floor (not in a tranquil birthing pool that I had imagined!) - being on all fours was the most comfortable position for me at that time - one of the ambulance crew kept asking if I wanted help to lie on my back but I had remembered what we were taught about birthing positions and I politely, but firmly told him that I was fine as I was and I asked for my pregnancy/exercise ball so that I could lean forward on that - communication this helped me maintain some control of how I birthed. 


The paramedics asked to speak to the midwife team and we rang Caron who helpfully got the on-call community midwife team out for us - they arrived about 9am and I could tell they knew that I was a Hypnobirthing mum since one of the Midwives immediately started talking Hypno birthing language to me - it was surprising how something as simple as that actually made me feel more at ease. 


My waters finally broke and about 10 minutes later, I birthed my little girl at 10.17am with one, single, calm and controlled push. Apparently, I didn't even make any noise when I pushed. She came quicker than everyone expected (except for Caron who a couple of weeks before had strangely predicted that I'd birth quickly). 


The cord clamping was delayed by a few minutes which is what we had wanted, then hubby cut the cord and the midwives gave me an injection in to my thigh to help limit the amount of potential blood loss due to my fibroids - in the end, my blood loss was minimal and apparently within the 'normal' range. All I needed was some stitches for a second degree tear which I hadn't even realised had happened during the birth.


So between feeling like I needed pain relief (gas and air) and giving birth, it was just over 2 hours. All in all, I had a very positive experience and after a short time, I felt well recovered. 


I have tried to think of one thing above all else that I most valued from the course but I cannot - all of it was useful and helped me stay calm, relaxed and in control on the day Chigs says that knowing what to expect (labour signs and the birthing process) as well as the breathing techniques were what he found most useful - I'm glad he did the course as well as he was excellent at breathing with me on the day and keeping me and the environment around us calm. 


I would highly recommend Caron and the Wise Hippo course to mums-to-be AND, if possible, their birthing partners whether that's a friend, spouse, parent etc. And to not leave it as late as I did in the pregnancy before doing the course, in order to benefit from it for as long as possible before giving birth. 


Even if you have left it late like I did, I still highly recommend it - Caron's expertise as a Midwife and Wise Hippo instructor and her reassuring and calming nature made me feel very relaxed in the weeks leading up to the birth and, for a control-freak like me, the Wise Hippo programme helped me accept that things may not go to plan, but that was ok - it certainly helped me stay calm and and positive when things took a different turn on the day. 


After such a positive experience, I will definitely be doing the course again as a refresher if I have more children. 





First Baby - sabrina -Rose 

I booked a Relax, Breath and Birth class with Caron last month and can't thank her enough for the information that was taught that day. I had previously read a ...hypnobirthing book but all my lovely preparation flew out the window after attending antenatal classes. I found them quite unsettling. I only spent a short time with Caron in the workshop but she was really lovely and reassuring, I used her breathing techniques throughout the birth and had a really great labour. This was such a relief as a FTM and has made a positive impact on my start into Motherhood. Thank you so much Caron




First Baby  Water Birth - August 2016, Caroline and Leo.

So we managed to have the water birth and using the hypno techniques you taught us Caroline managed to do it on just gas and air!! She was 7cm dilated when we got the hospital and born this morning at 12:02am weighing a whopping 8.7 pounds!! Caroline did so amazing. Can't thank you enough for all your help and advice on the day totally above and beyond the call of duty I don't think they would have let us come had you not told me what to say and considering she was 7cm dilated she was obviously further along then they thought! Xx

Second Baby - Emma  and Stu

On Friday at 2.42pm, Esmé arrived 8 days late, but she was well worth the wait 💕😃 I went into 'first stage' labour around 7pm on Thursday evening and had surges that were quite uncomfortable about 23 min apart but I just put my tens machine on... with my relax with nature MP and bounced on the ball at home. By 1am my surges were 4/5 min apart and lasting 50 seconds so we decided to go into hospital as it is a 30 min drive and baby number two, so I wasn't sure how quick next stages would be. Annoyingly by 4am my surges (now 2.5/3 min apart) just stopped! So strange! Apparently this can happen and the midwife told me it may be the calm before the storm so take advantage and rest. By 10.30 am, after a nice coffee, walk and some breakfast my surges started up again, but this time the were 2 min apart and the intensity was stronger and they lasted just over a minute... I didn't want to be at the hospital so Stu and I walked around and sat on the grass in Lister gardens soaking up the Rays.. I was just using my tens to control peak of surge and keep my breath deep! Stayed this way until midday when I got in the pool. Used MP' 3's sea of serenity at this point to help me stay calm. Used gas and air occasionally to control breath.. And then Esmé was born in the water at 2.42pm! Second phase was just over 4 hours.
Ladies, the hypnobirthing helped so much, I can't believe how amazing it is to just control your surge through breathing, it really does work. My advice would be to make sure you get in the zone between surges so you can control the build up to the surge as you will definitely feel it build. It really does have momentum like a wave! Stu was amazing and hearing his voice was such a support. Xx

First Baby Water Birth March 2016, Alia and David.

Hi Caron,

Sorry it's taken so long to get this to you, have only found the time by sitting on a train going into work for the day ha! Says a lot about which is harder - looking after a baby 24/7 or commuting into work!! Anyway, here you go:

"I had always dreaded the time when I knew I had to start thinking about giving birth, as I am just so anxious and fearful with anything to do with tests and being in a hospital. I always knew I wanted children, I just didn't know how I was going to get through labour.
Whilst pregnant with Sophia, I read about the theory behind hypnobirthing and it sounded like something that could help me through the experience, and I now know that The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme calming techniques really supported me through.

I was due on a Wednesday and I had some period-type cramps on the Thursday, but I was able to carry on as normal, until the Friday at around 7pm the cramps intensified. I was bouncing up and down on my yoga ball trying to ride through the waves - my whole family were round for dinner, and they ended up heading home early whilst my husband David ran me a warm bath. I was using the Relax with Nature and Birth Affirmation MP3s to remain calm and deal with each wave whilst practising the Bond and Breathe technique. This carried on until Sunday morning - I honestly cannot remember what I did and where I was during this time, but David tells me I was just sleeping and trying to find comfortable positions around the house! At around 9.30am on the Sunday morning my waters broke, so we knew it was time to make our way to the birthing unit - we called en route and I was so happy to hear that there was a pool currently available and that the midwives would await my arrival. After an internal examination when I arrived, it turned out I was 7cm dilated! The midwife commented on how well I'd done to ride that out at home, considering it was my first baby, and she began running the pool for me. I was in the pool for around six and a half hours, and the combination of the warm water, soothing Wise Hippo relaxation MP3 tracks and dim lighting really got me through. Just when I thought I couldn't conjure up any more energy, the surges shifted and the pressure came more from the front rather than the back of my body - I knew it was time to push, and the midwife confirmed this as she said she could see the crown of the head! By this time it was getting dark outside, and we had the electric candles flickering in the birthing room, which gave everything such a soft and calming atmosphere. I found some energy from deep within to push Sophia out and she was born at 6.21pm on Sunday 20th March. It was amazing to hold her, but - honestly - my absolute overriding emotion was one of relief; I'd done this amazing thing that I'd dreaded my whole adult life, and it was pretty much down to The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme, Caron (my tutor) and the fantastic midwife with me during the birth at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow. I still feel such a sense of achievement when I think of what I did and how I handled it - the midwife said to me after the birth how impressed she was with me, that it was a privilege to witness such a calm birth and that she wishes more women would learn about hypnobirthing. The best thing is that I am now able to compartmentalise the negatives associated with childbirth - although it wasn't a pain-free experience for me, I did it all without any drugs, so I know now that when (hopefully!) I have further children, it's one day of unpleasantness for a lifetime of amazingness!"

Alia x


First Baby Chloe (Arrived a bit early at 33 weeks)

Welcome to the world beautiful baby Chloe who arrived 7 weeks early and mum and baby both well.
We booked to do the hypnobirthing course, but only managed two out of the four sessions. Our little miss Chloe had other ideas, and decided to come 7 weeks early.
The information provided by Caron and the hypnobirthing course proved to be money well spent.
My waters broke while I was in work and I had to go to hospital in London. My husband was unsure what to do as we didn't kno...w if I was going into labour or not. Caron was on hand and talked him through everything he needed to know and do, from packing my hospital bag, and just as someone to reassure him.
What we learnt in those two sessions helped me stay calm through my labour and enabled me to have the natural birth I wanted, with only gas and air. If I felt myself starting to panic or let the pain take over, my husband helped bring me back to my happy place and reminded me to stay focused on my breathing, and it worked!
Thank you for all your help and information Caron, before, during and after the birth of our little girl.


First Baby Hospital Waterbirth September 2015


Welcome to the world Willow Autumn Ewing born 30/9/15. Congratulations to Holly and Wes she is beautiful. What an amazing birth story Holly has shared.

I started having slight surges early Tuesday Morning I put on my Hypno Birthing and slept through until 8am. I was having regular contractions every 20 - 25 minutes roughly but was completely manageable. I carried on my day as normal watching films, cleaning, bouncing on my ball etc - remaining calm. About 10pm they started ge...tting much more regular and stronger but was still manageable, I had a couple of warm candle lit baths listening to the hypno birthing completely chilled out. After a slight show around 2.30am Wednesday and surges coming every 4 minutes we went to the hospital. Having got to the hospital they examined me to see how far along I was because I wanted to get into the pool and I was already 7cm dilated! I got into the water at 3.40am, with the lights dimmed and the candles on playing the hypno birthing. I did choose to have gas and air at this point. Willow Autumn Ewing was born just over 2 hours after I got into the water at 5.46am! I felt in control the whole way through my experience and without the hypno birthing classes I really don't think I would of had such a positive birth. Harlow hospital was great with us allowing us to take control. We was home by 4pm Tuesday afternoon!


A massive Thankyou to Caron for everything.

And I hope everyone else has the experience they are hoping for.

Best Wishes
Holly & Wesley xxx




First Baby Water Birth August 2015


Jo is a paediatric physio who had heard bad birth stories through work and in her own words was 'massively paranoid and anxious something would go wrong' she also had an underlying medical condition that did not affect her day to day wellbeing but had a battle on her hands to prove she was NORMAL and not high risk.  Jo's own words ' My birth story proves you can turn deeply routed fears and thoughts around.


At 20:30 on the 6th August I started surging.i went to bed and tried to rest but by midnight I was having 3 surges in 10mins lasting a minute each. I felt good and in control but being my first baby I thought I best call the hospital. The hospital advised me to go in. Unfortunately I was only 3cm, I was offered a bed on the ward as the midwife felt that my waters were bulging and predicted that it wouldn't be long before our little one made an appearance. I decided I would rather go home and try to relax and progress in my own environment. We went home and I used the relaxing hypnobirthing downloads, the gym ball and soothing strokes. Around midday my surges started to get more intense so we made our way back to the hospital and I was able to get straight in to the birthing pool. We put on our hypnobirthing playlist and made the environment relaxing. The midwife read my birth plan and did not offer pain relief as we had decided that I would ask should I feel the need. The birth was tough but having the hypnobirthing techniques and ed there to bring me back to my relaxing place after each surge helped to keep me calm and remember my body knew what to do. Even when Ethan got stuck and a resus trolley was called I stayed calm (well calm for me!) and told myself that my body and baby knew what to do.With a bit of grit and a lot of determination Ethan entered the world with the next surge in the water perfectly pink and healthy without the need for assistance or the resus trolley. As I had hoped I managed without any pain relief. 


I cannot thank Caron and her hypnobirthing classes enough for getting me through my birth and helping to keep me calm and relaxed. She gave me the confidence to ask questions and get the midwife led birth I wanted. 



Jo, Ed and a growing Ethan 



Second Time Mum Hospital Birth October 2015


Hi Caron,Just wanted to let you know that I had the baby this morning at 7.12 am. She was 2.46kg and we have .named her Maya.

Everything went well and we're both fine. It was all over in under 3 hrs. We got to hospital just less than 30 mins before she arrived. It was such a difference from the last labour!

I awoke at 4.15ish feeling some pain which felt like period pain. I decided to start timing the surges at around 4.30 and by 5.15 I felt that I was quite far into labour. I woke Jit up and I felt like I wanted to poo or push. I called the midwives but as I was calm I don't think they believed how far along I  was. The surges were not pain free but I felt they were bearable when I imagined my cervix opening up and those muscles lifting up and out. I was so taken aback by how far along I was as by the time I got to the hospital car park at 6.45, I knew I wanted to push. Jit had to run into the birthing unit with my son to tell someone to come out and help. I made it walking to the room and started pushing as soon as I was on the bed. My waters broke on the bed a few mins later and by 7.12. It was all over.

The best thing about this birth was the feeling of holding my baby in my arms straight after the delivery. I couldn't recall that after my first labour at all. I strongly believe that the hypnobirthing helped to relieve my anxiety pre-labour which made it so much easier to cope with the labour itself and has given me back my confidence in coping with my new baby.

Thanks for giving me the tools to get through it.

Best wishes,






First Baby Hospital Waterbirth July 2014


My due date came and went, every day after was spent hoping our baby girl would finally choose to make her appearance. On 40w +4d, having been bouncing on my yoga ball all day to try to get things moving, I mentioned to my husband Daniel that my bump seemed to have 'dropped'. We hoped that meant she would be with us soon, having sat with her empty moses basket in our room for what seemed like an eternity. We went to bed at midnight that day, I woke at around 1:30am with what felt like a slightly uncomfortable tightening sensation. What with this being my first baby, I could only wonder to myself if this was it. I lay in bed timing the surges and googling Braxton hicks, just in case, all the while using my breathing techniques that Caron had taught me. I left Daniel to sleep as he had work in the morning and if this wasn't the start of it I didn't want to wake him unnecessarily. I started to get more uncomfortable so went into the living room to sit on my yoga ball and wait for Daniel to wake up. Daniel woke up at round 7:30am, I told him I suspected that I was in labour but couldn't be entirely sure as my waters hadn't broken. I had read that some people found Braxton Hicks painful but that they tended to dissipate if you were mobile. Daniel timed my surges whilst I got into different positions, needless to say it didn't have any effect. As my surges were quite close together and long (as they had been from the start), I rang the hospital to ask them for advice. I was told to just wait it out until the surges were stable at <3 minutes apart and >1 minute in length. I chose to use a tens machine to aid my discomfort, we then just passed the time watching TV and talking. I found my surges intensifying so I asked Daniel to run me a bath, I got in and listened to my affirmations. After my bath I decided it was time to go to hospital, Daniel timed my surges which were now two to three minutes apart and lasting longer than a minute. We rang the midwife who advised we should now make our way to hospital. Daniel and I excitedly gathered the hospital bag and made our way arriving at around 4:00pm. On arrival the midwife took my maternity folder and asked me to provide a urine sample. When I came out Daniel said he thought we'd get sent home as a lady who went in before me appeared to be in much greater pain and she was advised to go home as she was only 1 cm dilated. We were then called in to be examined and I was told my urine contained ketones, as such they couldn't send me home until they had returned to normal levels. I was brought in some tea and toast but I couldn't keep it down. I was then advised that the student midwife and the midwife were going to examine me, the student midwife said she didn't think my contractions were very strong. After examination I was advised I was 5cm dilated, I was so happy I just sat and cried. The student midwife vocalised her surprise at how much I was dilated, asking me if by any chance I was using Hypnobirthing techniques, I smiled and told her I was. It was nice to hear how impressed she was and gave me that little boost I needed. The midwives told me they didn't think I would be allowed onto the MLU in view of my ketone levels but they would go and check with the midwives who were on the unit. On their return they confirmed I would be admitted to the MLU if I agreed to an anti sickness injection and that I would be made to eat and drink before contemplating letting me into the birthing pool. Finally after a bit of toast and jam and some water, at 8:00pm I was finally let into the pool. I made it clear in my birth plan I didn't want to be offered any forms of pain relief, preferring to ask rather than to be offered. I requested gas and air but didn't find it very effective and actually felt it interfered with my breathing. I found the pool to be very helpful in trying to stay calm and relaxed, as such I found myself wanting to push. I lost all awareness of how much time had passed but before I knew it my baby girl was being handed to me by the midwife having been born at 10:40pm. I was so immensely happy that I had got through it and I had been rewarded with this beautiful little girl in my arms. The midwives drained the pool and put me on the bed for the third stage. I had a two degree tear so was being stitched up whilst my daughter was handed to my husband. It was at that point I realised just what an amazing act I had just carried out, to give birth to this little person. I couldn't have coped so well without Caron teaching me the techniques I used on the day. I impressed all the midwives who hadn't had any experience with Hypnobirthing and they were all very much converts having seen how I had used it so effectively throughout my labouring. I am hopeful they may go on to be advocates of Hypnobirthing as I know I am.


Vicky, Daniel and Baby Arabella.


Homebirth Waterbirth August 2014


After having a traumatic (3 day long) birth with our first daughter, we decided we wanted a different experience this time around.

My friend Sarah had a wonderful hospital Hypnobirth with no tear and she told me about it and lent me the book to read. After reading it I thought it was definitely for me. I talked to my husband into attending the Hypnobirthing course run by Caron so he could find out for himself the benefits for all of us.

I never regretted it as I had a wonderful experience this time around thanks to our ever so helpful instructor and midwife Caron, who supported us as a midwife and friend.  My first baby was born at 31 weeks, so it came as a shock to my husband when I reached 38 weeks and I was no longer considered high risk, it was then I decided I wanted home water Hypnobirth.

Friday 29th August

I drove to the shops at around 11am on the way home there were some speed bumps which thinking about back could have helped ha ha. I was 5 days overdue and did not want to be induced. I got home and after about 2 hours I started having regular surges every 10 minutes for about 2 hours. When my surges started coming every 8 minutes I rang the hospital to advise them and they sent the first community midwife. The midwife arrived at 5.30pm and I was examined after a short time and found to 6cm dilated, Caron our instructor and midwife had said she would try and attend so the midwife called her (it was her day off)  she was able to come and support as the second midwife. My husband had started to run the pool and at 7.30pm I was able to get in the pool. I was so happy that Caron could attend, she and my husband were wonderful, helping me and reminding me to use my breathing techniques whilst listening to the MP3’s. I had surges about every couple of minutes by 11.30pm when my waters broke. I had the urge to push every time a surge came and I tried to breathe my baby down. I had to stand up for the last part of the birth due to her hand being up by her face and making it more difficult to birth in the pool. She was born at 00.28.

I held her skin to skin immediately and it was the most overwhelming feeling when I held her in my arms for the first time. The cord was cut by my brave husband after it had stopped pulsating. It was exactly how I imagined it and my husband although worried initially about a home birth supported me all the way and I am so proud of him.  I birthed my placenta naturally out of the pool whilst breastfeeding my baby

Thank you so much to Caron coming on her day off to support me and the other lovely midwife who made my birth so special. You were great and your programme worked wonders and made our birth experience amazing just the way we imagined it.


I and A and Baby Lily.


Hospital Birth Gestational Diabetes mother January 2015

I was very anxious about giving birth. I went into hospital to be induced at 39 weeks pregnant due to having gestational diabetes and the consultant's concern for my baby's growth. This was the eventuality I had tried hard to avoid as I was so anxious about induction leading to other interventions, such as epidurals, and then it escalating to a C-section etc. However, having spe...nt every day commuting on the train listening to my birth affirmations, and using the information I learned on the course, I felt prepared on the day. I also felt that my husband and I together were informed and prepared for the birth and were confident in how we would approach the event. Particularly as I wanted as little intervention as possible, despite being on the consultant-led unit.


24 hours later, I was checked and it was decided that I could have my waters broken. However, from this point on the birth affirmation 'my baby and body know what to do' was very apt - my waters broke spontaneously 30 seconds before the midwife got to them! My contractions started slowly for the first hour but soon increased. My husband and I were prepared with our TENS machine, pictures, candles and incense, and through using breathing techniques time passed quickly. When I entered established labour I used entonox to take the edge off as labour progressed rapidly - lasting only 2.5 hours. My baby's heart rate needed to be constantly monitored, but I was able to keep upright and mobile which helped labour along. A couple of times we needed to make decisions and both me and my husband were able to discuss and make the right decisions for us and our baby calmly and with confidence, even at the end of my labour. I felt 'present' when I needed to be and retreated the rest of the time.

My daughter, Bridget, was born on 1st December at 18:57, weighing 6lbs 14oz - we got our natural delivery and even a natural third stage delivery too! Bridget was calm and relaxed after birth, she didn't cry and is even now a very laid back baby - much commented on by everyone.

Caron was a wonderful teacher and we can't thank her enough for all her help, advice and assistance leading up to our daughter's birth. We have a wonderful baby girl and I had the positive birth experience I wanted.


Hospital Waterbirth March 2015


First Baby...
Labour..4hrs 14mins
Pain relief..None...
Hospital birth..MLU


My story starts when I found out I was pregnant, I was over the moon but also terrified at the thought of giving birth. It all started from a young age watching a birth video at primary school and with the 'birth's' they show on television adding to my anxiety over the years.

I came across a leaflet for WiseHippo birthing and was very intrigued as to how you could help yourself to have a calm, relaxed natural birth.

My waters broke at 8pm Friday 6th February although I hadn't experienced any surges. I called the hospital and they asked me to come in and be checked. It was my waters, and had a show whilst there,was sent home as nothing happening as yet. I was given a time 24hrs later for induction due to my waters breaking.

11pm The surges started slowly at first but by 1.30am were coming three every ten minutes. The surges were mild and I listened to my hypnobirthing music whilst remaining relaxed.We left home for the hospital at 1.45am.

2.15am On arrival I was shown to a delivery suite and spoke to a midwife. We were told I would be ages yet as my first baby, they left me for half hour then checked me as I said I felt like I needed a poo. I was 6cm dilated.

3.30am I get into the birthing pool, listening to my WiseHippo birthing music, in my calm relaxed environment. Baby's heart beat was monitored throughout and all was going well.

5am The midwife wanted me to have a wee, I was unable to so she put a catheter in to release the urine. I don't remember this part my husband told me, as I was in my calm relaxed state.

7.29am Saturday 7th February Rory arrived into the world. I cried with joy and was overwhelmed with my birthing experience. I couldn't believe I had brought this baby into the world!

I never thought that I would be able to have a birth that was so relaxed, calm and using no pain relief. I owe all that to the Wise Hippo course that I attended as this changed my views on childbirth and gave me the tools I needed to feel prepared for labour and birth both emotionally and practically. I was able to get over my fears and anxiety and build my confidence in my ability to birth naturally.

My husband was so proud of me and loves telling everyone what a wonderful birth experience we had and we truly did!

Thank you so much Caron!


Kirstie, Martin and Rory x


Hospital Water Birth January 2015


As you know our beautiful baby girl, Ivy Margaret Szumski, was born on Monday 19th January 2015 at 10.33pm weighing a healthy 7.1lb.
I was 9 days overdue and preparing to decline being induced when I had my show followed by my surges beginning at around 9.30am - after going for a swim which possibly helped to get things going! I stayed at home keeping calm, distracting myself as much as possible and using my waves to breath through my surges. I called Mark to let him know things had started at 11am but not to rush home. He arrived home from work at about 2.30pm and left me to relax as I needed. As things progressed Mark began timing my surges and my mum (also birthing partner) arrived around 6pm. Despite Mark encouraging me to go to the hospital as the surges got closer together (about 1-2 minutes apart!) I held off until about 7pm. My waters broke just as we were preparing to leave and we dashed off to the hospital. I was fully dilated upon arrival at around 7.45pm and gave birth to Ivy at 10.33pm in the water without any pain relief or gas and air. She did need a little oxygen to get going but apart from that was happy and healthy. The hospital were supportive of hypnobirthing although our midwife wasn't keen on me being in the water and wanted me in a position which was easy for her but thanks to you and the programme we felt comfortable challenging her.
Mark and I would like to say a huge thank you to you and the Wise Hippo Birthing Programme for supporting me throughout my pregnancy and mostly for helping Mark and I prepare for and achieve the birthing experience that we had hoped for. Without you and the programme we would undoubtedly have panicked as soon as my surges began and been back and forth from the hospital. Not only did we feel calm & relaxed but fully prepared for the experience lying ahead of us - a rarity for myself who is constantly worrying!
We would highly recommend hypnobirthing for any expectant parents - particularly with you as their coach!

Best wishes, Ruth & Mark


First time mum with Gestastional Diabetes January 2015


I was admitted at 11am on Saturday 24th January to be induced as I was considered High Risk due to my age (40) and Gestational Diabetes and was given the 24 hour pessary at 12pm, Rich and I kept busy by walking around the hospital for coffee and meals and just to stretch our legs and played lots of Scrabble...

On Sunday I was given a 6 hour rest and then a 6 hour pessary and a stretch and sweep at around 6-6.30pm. I began experiencing surges not long after. At around 9pm I was offered to have my waters broken but I declined, wanting to follow the previous midwife's advice and wait until the morning if nothing had happened. Rich was sent home around 11pm.

From around 1am my surges intensified and I found myself having to walk around and really put my breathing techniques into practice. I was given Co-Dydromol around this time but after this my night is not so clear, I was back and forth to the bathroom and was listening to Bond and Breathe when in bed. At around 6am I went to the nurses station as I thought my waters had broken, but no it was my mucus plug. I was examined at some point around this time and told that I was only 6cms dilated and that it would be quite some time before anything would happen, I lost confidence at this point and relented to pain relief and was given orimorph. I was told that I could call my husband to get him to the hospital - it took me an hour before I could make that call because I was breathing through my very close together surges...

At around 7am a new midwife was doing her rounds and apologised for disturbing me, I explained that I wasn't sleeping but in fact breathing through my intense surges, she wanted to hook me up to the monitor to check my progress but the surges kept coming and we were not able to get me on my back to do so but whilst we were trying my waters broke.... I hadn't even noticed.... This midwife took the decision to move me to the labour ward and was gathering my belongings and getting me into a wheelchair as my husband arrived.

We went to a labour room around 8.30am and I was given a little gas and air and was hooked up to a drip to have insulin administered. I was sat up on a bed on my back which is the exact position I wanted to avoid... This midwife was writing up her notes to hand me over to the labour midwife and told me to stop pushing and I explained that I was trying but my body was doing it anyway, the midwife said that perhaps I was 'having involuntary pushes' and when she looked my baby was crowning... Two pushes later my beautiful baby Ayla was brought into the world, it was 10.25am on Monday 26th January - she didn't cry rather... murmured, the cord was short and so she was put on my tummy until it was cut but then put straight on the breast to which she took so naturally. I had the injection and delivered the placenta 2 minutes later. It was mindblowingly beautiful and I think it would have been terribly frightening had I not been hypnobirthing, I believe that as I wasn't screaming in 'pain' the night midwife didn't take me seriously enough.

When they took Ayla to check her over and help Rich wash and dress her I took a shower, the midwives were quite shocked as it was only about 30 minutes after delivery! I didn't need to be cut and didn't need any stitches!

Thank you for equipping me with the tools and belief in myself to be able to deliver my baby so easily, my baby and body really did know what to do to deliver safely and with relative ease. We didn't get the waterbirth we were hoping for as there just wasn't time but no matter it wasn't really needed anyway.
All the very best and look forward to seeing you and introducing you to Ayla at the next coffee mor
ning.Carla x


Second Baby Born on Midwife Led Unit June 2015


Baby Jasmine Olivia born yesterday 27/06/15 at 15:47 weighing 7lbs 5oz at 39+4.


- 7:14 woke with intense braxton hick then every 25 mins and I had the feeling that today was going to be the day as this was different to previous  regular braxton hicks I'd been having during the week. 

- 8:15 braxton hicks every 15-20mins, not painful just noticeable. 

- 10:30 braxton hicks with pain every 10mins, started on the birthing ball now while hubby was playing on Xbox- it was all very chilled out.

- 12:30 contractions every 5 mins, definitely noticed a difference now so put my TENS and hypnobirthing CD on. Still chilled environment.

- 13:15 hubby called the hosp to let them know the situation. They said to go in when feel the need to. 

- 14:00 definitely felt contractions stronger and closer together now and felt I needed to be at the hosp. Plus my auntie had just brought my 4yr son home from a party so he was very excited. So I knew I needed to be out of the way as I couldn't concentrate as the contractions were intense. So while we got our stuff together hubby called hosp to let them know we were on our way in. They were going to fill the pool. 

- 15:00 arrived at hosp, Contractions every 3 mins and 8cm. Didn't make it into the pool as got too comfy on the bed. 

- 15:30 waters broke.

- 15:47 Jasmine arrived. 

- 16:04 physiological 3rd stage for the placenta delivered. 


I had a small 2nd degree tear- midwife said I didn't need to have stitches as she would only put in a few, but I said yes as at least it'll heal closer together. I was then up and showered and home by 9:30pm tucked up with a cuppa and a Krispy Creme donut. 


She's breastfeeding like a dream and we are all so in love and awe of her :-)


Family complete :-) 


Thank you for all your support Elaine and family x

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